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Are you confused in choosing the website developer for your upcoming projects? Are you looking for website development services that are reliable as well as reasonable? If yes, then we are here with an overall solution for all your website development queries and perplexities. In recent years, the world has been going online to such an extent that there is no chance left to look back on old traditional ways of sale techniques. Accordingly, your website has become an important part of your business, the decision-making ground for your sales funnel and search trafficking.

With the help of in-house yet best website developer, Online Marketing Pal as a website development company has set foot to build websites for clients that ensure incredible lead and business growth. The range of our work is not limited to just a simple brochure website, but we have the clan of the best website developers who are focused on providing complete website solutions. We aim at producing customized solution to meet client’s all marketing objectives. We put our earnest efforts into developing the website which can turn its worth in the weight of gold. If you’re a newbie and want a kick-start to your business, contact us now.

Seeing this fast-growing digital world, it is becoming mandatory to match its pace while staying ahead of your competitors. As you need a deep understanding of your business and customers’ requirements for its smooth running, a well-developed website can enhance the awareness of your business products/services in front of your customers. We’re dedicated to offering you with the best opportunity to enhance your business through website development services. Your search for “website development near me” ends here as we provide a professionally developed yet reliable website for the end clients. If you’re looking for an excellent website development firm, then contact Online Marketing Pal now!

Website Development Services provided by us

We believe in producing a website that can meet the quality standards for our clients and satisfy them. We pride ourselves for being the best website development company as we have talented website developers in our team to take client’s business to the next level. Being in a constantly changing field, our best website developers keep themselves updated with the latest development of trends.

We are proud of being a top website development company, and we cater to all your needs by providing the following website development services:


Our frontend developers use all three key coding languages to code the website like HTML, CSS (Front end Frameworks, Preprocessors), JavaScript (including jQuery, JS Frameworks). They make sure to provide a They also aim at adding all needed functionality while testing and debugging. We’re a dedicated team that works for responsive website development and create mobile-specific designs.


No matter the complexities, technologies needed, or the project requirement, our backend web developers are skilled professionals capable of fulfilling clients’ expectations and business requirements. While working on a broad range of backend technologies, our backend developers ensure to have scalable solutions for making future-ready websites. As a result, we have a high-quality backend to serve as a foundation for solid user experience for both startups and large companies. We are ambitious to bring the company faster into the market and help increase our clients’ revenue.


We aim at offering a unique digital experience and have expertise in User Experience Design (UX). The success of an application is based on the development of the user experience. Therefore, we carefully design crisp and highly responsive User Interface Design (UI). Our UX-UI designers are experts in many graphic libraries, and they aim to provide an organic and integrated user experience.

Custom Web:

We are committed to providing custom website development solutions that meet usability, scalability, and universal compatibility in browsers and platforms. A custom web application enhances the business’s efficiency and staff productivity. Apart from offering innovative, trustworthy software solutions, our team has gained expertise in complementing your specific business needs.

Progressive Web Pages:

We are not limited to native website development; we are best in progressive web pages. Progressive web pages, by the name, make a website progressively work on any device. Moreover, these are easily discoverable in search engines. It meets the benchmarks of being a responsive website that provides utmost safety to your website while being re-engageable and connectivity-independent for the users.

Everyone wants to ensure their digital presence, so they need to have a website that aligns with digital and business strategies and must be functionally advanced for maintaining a competitive advantage. We are devoted to providing website development quotations of all the advanced services at a low website development price.

Website Development Strategy We Use

A website development project is deemed to be successful only when its result is a full-fledged website that has fulfilled the demands and requirements of the client. The website development strategy plays a vital role in deciding the success of every business. Not only the success but a website also helps the business in creating brand awareness and educating the customers. All the strategy components must be followed very carefully to ensure that your website meets the acceptance criteria of both the target audience and the search engines. To provide a seamless user experience, we strategically move our website development projects. This targets to make websites user-friendly, navigable, and also working fast. We follow a well-designed strategy carried by experts of the company, which involves the following stages:


The research phase is meant to discover the purpose of a website, its target audiences, and their expectations. Therefore, it is most important to gather all relevant data before planning to begin a website strategy. In this step, the website objectives and highlights are considered, and comparative data about the site is determined. Furthermore, data collection and analysis help gather knowledge on what is or is not working on the website if it needs to be improved to its latest iteration. The key features of the research phase involve:

  • Discovering the objectives of the website
  • Determining the target audience
  • Analyzing the risks and problems that can be faced during the website development
  • Reviewing the analysis, deciding the highlights
  • Discovering the requirements of the website
  • Formulating the list of tasks to be carried


Planning is a pivotal step to begin with website development. Here, team building for a particular project occurs and resource requirements are identified, which further enhances deciding the project’s budget. The steps in planning include:

  • Developing the team and deciding key objectives for execution
  • Characterizing the software and other resource requirements
  • Finalising the resource requirements helps in fixing the budget
  • Determining the performance criteria and budget
  • Investigating the leading competitor
  • Approaching web developers for the proposal of the project
  • Call for action, navigation, and layout
  • Deciding website’s online branding and URL


Our website developers focus on a design compatible with multiple devices. We even emphasize choosing responsive website development as advantageous in lowering the maintenance cost and having a lower bounce rate. Our team accumulates the theme, layout, highlights, and different website elements while building the storyboards, sketching the screens under different scenarios, and placing wireframes. The following processes are carried in designing:

  • Designing the project roughly
  • Modifying and making the final design from the rough design
  • Framing the project’s prototype
  • Testing the prototype and repeating the process until accomplished
  • Particular domain is designed


Our developing team focuses on developing the actual web project by considering all the prospects from the design phase and creating the features accordingly. The development group majorly emphasizes every single element of the website and utilizes them in making a functional website. The procedure of website development involves:

  • Developing the home page with appealing content.
  • Building the interior pages under “shell.”
  • Coding according to web standards with basic technologies like HTML, CSS, etc., under frontend development.
  • Installing and configuring the content management systems, databases, and frameworks under the backend development.


In the testing phase, website developers in our website development agency examine the website and give the final touches to it. The website is tested to ensure its smooth functionality without glitches. Integration and regression testing, smoke and load Testing, functionality testing, and performance testing are carried under this phase either manually or automatically, depending upon the type of web project. The following Testing is done during the testing phase:

  • Quality assurance
  • Browser compatibility
  • Scripts and forums
  • Testing the site on various devices
  • Confirming the interior connections
  • If bugs are found, then debugging is done


In this step, our team is determined to add better details for improving the functionality and the execution of the website project. These last moment details are plugin installation and streamlining the page speed. Moreover, to ensure the efficient performance of the website without errors or issues, website codes are approved to satisfy the most recent website guidelines. In the launching phase, a web project is made accessible to the users of the particular domain. The launch phase includes the following tasks:

  • Resettling of data
  • Checking the accuracy of the file transfer
  • Server is launched for deployment
  • Approval of website codes
  • Fixing of domain name
  • Accessibility provided to the users for the particular domain


Our team consists of people and resources moving towards a common goal of providing our clients with the best web development experiences. Constantly evolving software applications and technological innovation lead, our team remains up-to-date with the digital market changes. An updated website always attracts and retains customers by offering the latest useful content and setting a higher standard on search engine rankings. Our website maintenance involves:

  • Making a modern and responsive site while protecting your brand’s name
  • Making your website updated with the latest trends and functionalities
  • Ensuring to confirm your site with security standards
  • Keeping a 404 error-free website and avoiding the loss of your revenue
  • Professional help to maintain your site while saving your time to focus on running your business.

Website development projects involve implementing the tasks and subtasks undertaken by different developers in the right direction. The team of our website developers are experts at each step, whether designing or maintaining the end-product that helps build huge traffic, visitors, leads, and sales to your business. As a result, our team makes us the best website development company while moving with a holistic key approach and making sure to tick off every digital strategy with accuracy. Moreover, our company works most strategically to enhance team performance and alignment.

Why Choose us for Website Development?

Being a website developer, we aspire to bring you a fresh and advanced experience while keeping the bars high in the digital world. Today, the considerably changing web development technologies have led to developing websites that are not just a collection of static web pages. The revenue of your business depends on the digital presentation of your website, which has to be interactive enough while providing a solid and performant feel. Consequently, we provide visually attractive websites meant to store, manipulate and access user data.

Following are some reasons why you will remain advantageous with us:

  • We provide you with a personal domain and can personalize it.
  • We provide you with high-quality custom website development services.
  • We create websites that are optimized to be visible in search engines.
  • We focus on providing you with the most reliable and secured websites to make your website long-running and revenue-earning.
  • Our team consists of like-minded individuals whose purpose is to create visually compelling brands and websites.
  • We are determined to provide the most advanced functionality at a low website development cost, which can save you a few bucks.
  • We build each module that can plug into a framework to fully secure your website and provide a manageable audit.
  • Maintaining high developer velocity and streamlining engineering processes are the main drivers of success to make our work more productive and innovative.
  • We are ready with the most generous teamwork for the clients coming from many sources, including online website development.
  • Our planning team decides the project scope to help guarantee the finishing of the website before the deadline and within a predetermined budget.

Adding to this, we put the users at the heart of producing everything, and our standards of website development are meant to meet that which people love. Our developers are ready and hungry for more interesting projects while implementing exactly what you want. With all required habitual learning and self-improvement, our team is ready to develop the website that best fits the workflow and goals of your business. Website developers make everything in a website digestible for the masses. So, if you are searching for a website development company near me to make you connect and communicate with your audience, then Online Marketing Pal is that website development company you must look for.

So, contact our website development consultant and find the right the website for your business!

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